Your Holiday Dose of Vitamin L(ove)

Your Holiday Dose of Vitamin L(ove)

By shifting our focus towards self love, giving love and loving each delicious moment, we can change the way we feel after the holidays are over, leaving ourselves stuffed full of passion and positively energized for all the adventures to come in 2015! 

Here are some ways to bring more Vitamin L to your holiday season!

Self Love: The first step is to take care of yourself so that you can be there for others. The best way to do this, during the busiest time of year, is to spend some time each morning for yourself to fill-up. Enjoy a detoxifying cup of warm lemon water and write in a journal, practice yoga at home for 20 minutes or hit the snooze button for a few extra cuddles. Maybe even take a relaxing bath or go for a sunrise walk. Make time for yourself, you deserve it! 

Give Love: If your holiday social calendar looks like a Fortune 500 CEO's Monday morning, then slow down and enjoy the time with those you care about most. Don't be afraid to say "no" to that 6th holiday party to stay home with family or friends. Turn off your iPhone, pop in a cheesy holiday movie and grab a blanket. But certainly don't deprive yourself if you need a night out! Be sure to rock that holiday outfit on the dance floor and enjoy that glass of champagne. No guilt here! The trick is to show-up fully and celebrate each special moment with those you love.

Love the Delicious Moments: Trust that your body can handle a little mindful indulgence this holiday season. If the holiday season is not complete without an egg nog latte, Grandma's chocolate chip cookies or a hot toddy, then go for it! Just be sure to savor each moment of it and enjoy the special foods of the season with someone you love! As soon as we try and deprive ourselves of these special holiday treats, then we tend to overdo it. We all know, it's not about sneaking cookies anyway. It's about the memories, the tradition and the love we feel when we eat these traditional foods. Ask yourself, is this treat filling me up with love? If it's not filling you up then do something else that will. And of course, the rest of the time, continue to fill up your plate with plenty of vegetables, drink lots of fresh green juice and add a salad or comforting vegetable soup to each meal. Keep a water bottle and an apple with a pouch of almond butter with you for those marathon shopping trips. Treat yourself well!

 Wishing you a healthy and happy holiday season with 2000% of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin L!