Blue Ova Health was born from two sisters' vision for integrative care for fertility and pregnancy that addresses the individual physically and mentally. 

Blue Ova Founders

Inspired by the natural health movement while growing up in the hills of Northern California, sisters Robin Sheared and Shannon Kidwell learned the importance of holistic wellness for individuals, families and communities. 

As the daughters of a teacher and healer mother and an entrepreneur father, they both shaped their worlds around health and growth. From a young age, Robin began studying various modalities of healing, ultimately leading to her immersion in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Shannon focused on the business world, working in global health and venture development.

 In 2009, Robin opened her own acupuncture practice, Essential Wellness. The practice took a focused approach to treating fertility, pregnancy and postnatal health through acupuncture and herbs. She has subsequently been voted “Top Five Acupuncturist” in San Francisco by the A-List Best of the Bay for seven consecutive years (2011-2017), including "Best Acupuncturist" in 2017, and “Top Acupuncturists in San Francisco” in 2019 by Expertise .

In 2014, the sister-sister team joined together to open Blue Ova Health. They modeled Blue Ova Health around a vision of integrated care that allows for greater support of practitioners and clients alike. Robin acts as Clinical Director, while Shannon leads the business activities, letting the center’s practitioners focus on what they do best. 

Blue Ova’s philosophy is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and yet integrates seamlessly with Western medical care. The center aims to empower every patient to engage their own body’s innate healing ability.