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A gift to the world of women's health. - Meg H. / YELP

I came to get prepared for the best egg retrieval/preservation possible. Under her guidance, I ended up doubling (!) the predicted results. No joke! - Sam S / YELP

I started in advance of doing an egg retrieval at Stanford earlier this year (essentially 1/2 of IVF) over a period of 5+ months.  She is fantastic….Some say that acupuncture can increase yield/quality by 50% (mine went up well over that amount).  - Lindsey H. / YELP

I can't speak highly enough of the treatment I received there, both in terms of medical efficacy and in terms of kindness and compassion. I went to Robin for fertility-related treatment and even though we were starting later than the recommended timing the results were spectacular! Like, my doctors saying "we've never seen such good results," levels of spectacular. 

Robin has not just helped me with fertility-related issues but has also markedly positively impacted colds, infections, headaches, and repetitive stress injuries in my hands and arms. She's about as close as I know to a miracle worker. - S.S. / YELP

Love this place. I went to Blue Ova for fertility, miscarriage, and eventually (yay!) pregnancy support, and I still go now for postpartum maintenance…. I was feeling frustrated and distant from my own body while trying to conceive when I first sought out their care. Their amazing listening, emotional support, guidance, and treatment were integral parts of my family's journey to having a healthy pregnancy and baby. Beyond the treatments, they were there for me over email when I had questions or concerns throughout my pregnancy. Especially when I was working to flip my transverse baby, they were so incredibly helpful, and it worked! Kristen B. / YELP 

Acupuncture was the only relief I truly saw from intense nausea.- Stacey D /YELP

I'm forever grateful to Robin and the incredible team at Blue Ova. In 2016 I arrived, pretty distraught and hopeless after 2 back to back miscarriages. Robin took an extensive thoughtful medical history and offered a lot of genuine compassion and support along the way. She's an amazing listener. She not only provided supplemental advice and gentle acupuncture treatments, but helped teach me how to be an advocate for myself in the OB/Gyn realm. I asked for certain blood tests, learned how to track my cycle, and in turn was able to provide Robin with helpful data so we were able to work together to proactively help my body be more likely to be able to support another life. This was incredibly life changing and empowering as I was previously told by my medical Dr. there was nothing I could do but wait until I had 3 successive miscarriages, and then fertility treatments could begin…. Two months later I was pregnant. - Heather C. / YELP

I feel relaxed immediately upon entering, no matter how hectic my day has been prior. The waiting area is spacious, the decor is lovely and the treatment rooms are super comfortable. - Karen B. /YELP

After years of infertility, I was about to start my first cycle of IVF….  She is very knowledgable and that was a real plus when it came to all the questions I had about fertility. My IVF was a success and I continued through out my pregnancy.  - Joanne L.  / YELP

My weekly appointments quickly became the highlight of my week; I left each appointment feeling so much better than I did coming in. When we did get pregnant, Robin continued to be one of my best resources in making sure that I did what I could to have a healthy, comfortable pregnancy. -Denise L. / YELP

I distinctly remember the wave of calm that I felt after leaving my first session. I have continued regularly after becoming pregnant naturally and strongly believe that my acupuncture sessions have positively contributed to what has been an incredibly healthy and calm pregnancy for me.  - Aleks K / YELP

I was going for acupuncture treatments to support my first pregnancy.  She is wonderful and caring, and so easy to talk to -- and that is such an important aspect of the relationship with your provider.  She helped me greatly through my pregnancy with sleeping issues, sore joints, etc, and as a result my pregnancy and delivery were super smooth. - Irina G / YELP

I feel so fortunate to have found Blue Ova.  I started a little over a year ago to help with recovery following a miscarriage… I think acupuncture really helped get my body back in balance. - Katie Y. / YELP