Posture Rebellion Class

Posture Rebellion classes are every Tuesday beginning July 28th at Blue Ova. Sign up at

Posture Rebellion kicks tradition to the curb and reveals the root cause of our back and body pain — our modern day posture. Aha! You just sat up straight, sucked in your gut, pushed back your shoulders and thrust out your chest. And why not since this is what’s considered "good" posture. But we bet that after three minutes of muscling into this position, you still won't be comfortable, you won't be pain-free and you'll soon be back to slumping in your chair. 

Posture Rebellion Class

So, if you're tired of being in pain and tired of not knowing why you're in pain, go rogue and come to a Posture Rebellion class. We disobey the norm and teach you how to get out of pain yourself. We re-teach you how to sit, stand, bend, carry and lift, push, walk, sit while driving, sleep on your back or side — all in complete comfort and relaxation, and without pain.

This isn't your grandmother's posture class, nor is it an exercise class. It's not a quick fix or a magic pill. It's about re-learning how to use your body through repeated, precise everyday movements. Along with our easy-to-follow instructions, our experienced teachers will make small, hands-on adjustments. We'll show you photos, assign customized homework (don't worry, no grading!) and demonstrate that a pain-free life is possible. Stand tall, give pain the finger,  and welcome back a happy back and body.

These classes are especially great for nursing mothers, mothers with toddlers, and anyone with a desk job.

When: Tuesdays @ 6:00pm &  7:30pm

Location: Blue Ova, 1414 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA 94114


Price: $25 per class ($20 per class when purchasing 10-class package) 

Stephanie Engelsen, certified Balance Center Instructor

Stephanie Engelsen Blue Ova

Posture Rebellion is owned and taught by Stephanie Engelsen, an expert posture practitioner and a rebelliously rehabbed 10-hour-a-day desk-sitter. After suffering with back pain for 10 years and trying every solution under the sun, including daily pain pills and surgery, it was an hour-long class at Palo Alto’s Balance Center that finally began to free her from pain.

Stephanie is a certified Balance Center Instructor and her classes are based on the Spinefulness method taught by Jean Couch at the Balance Center. And in the spirit of going way back to the beginning, Spinefulness is inspired by Aplomb, a French method originally developed by Noëlle Perez. Both of these methods observe populations without prominent back pain. By examining what those folks do differently, we can identify what we’re doing “wrong” and, in turn, rewire our bodies back to comfort.