How Energy Affects Fertility

Ever wonder how energy affects fertility? How does this happen? 

How Energy Affects Fertility

Everything is energy including our thoughts and belief patterns, other people’s thoughts and belief patterns, and even all that makes up our bodies. Many times things happen that cause energy to get stuck, be stagnant or leave an energetic imprint and this can affect fertility.  

Some energetic issues that can affect fertility include:

  • Unresolved grief or anger from past miscarriages, childhood trauma, or loss of a loved one
  • Our own and other people’s expectations, frustrations, and judgments
  • Fears around getting pregnant, being a parent, and finances

These things can take up a lot of energetic space making it more challenging to conceive. 

To create an optimal atmosphere for conception energy needs to flow unimpeded. Negative thoughts and emotions as well as expectations and judgments can hinder energetic flow. By letting go of the energy surrounding these things you allow more movement in your energy system leading to a more conducive environment for conception.

With simple energetic tools you can learn to release energetic issues potentially impeding conception and pregnancy. Here’s an easy tool to help you remove stuck or stagnant energy called the Island Technique.

The Island Technique

  1. Create an imaginary island in the middle of the ocean. 
  2. Visualize putting fears, judgments, expectations or negative thoughts or emotions out on the island.
  3. Create more islands if needed. There’s no limit to the number of islands you can create.

That’s it! By sending negative thoughts and emotions, fears, judgments, and expectations to islands you remove negative energy from your space. Mother earth will compost and neutralize the energy on the islands allowing you the space and freedom to create what you want. 

Energy doesn’t know if something is big or small. It only knows if it’s stuck or moving.


Nancy Mae is a Life Transitions Coach, Energy Practitioner, creator of the Energetic Fertility Method™(EFM). To learn more about Nancy and her work visit