Shannon Padlog



Shannon Padlog has been attending births since 2009 and has supported over 180 families. By nature, birth is a unique and deeply personal experience and each Mom-to be has her own set of hopes and expectations.  Shannon strive to offer non-judgmental care and mentoring in preparation for this journey, so couples greet labor with knowledge, connection, confidence, and trust.

Her love for learning and dedication to deepening her own knowledge and support skills led Shannon to become a Birthing from Within Mentor in 2012. Birthing from Within offers parents a chance to tap into their innate wisdom, gain confidence, and deepen their connection to each other in preparation for labor and parenthood. These classes build a foundation of trust and resourcefulness, while moving through the mysterious, intense, and joyful process of becoming parents. She believe that birth can be an empowering and positive experience, regardless of outcome and each women deserves respect, dignity, and love through this profound rite of passage.

 In addition to birth doula services and teaching Birthing From Within Classes, Shannon also offer placenta encapsulation.

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