When you schedule your first visit, we will ask you to fill out a new patient health history questionnaire before arriving for your appoitment, which will be emailed to you after booking your appoitment.

Please arrive at our office a few minutes before your scheduled appointment. Your practitioner will meet you in the reception and take you into your treatment room. No special clothing is necessary. For acupuncture and massage treatments, if it is deemed necessary to remove any clothing, you will change in private and be covered throughout your treatment.

For fertility and breech clients, your first acupuncture appointment generally takes about an 1hour and 30 minutes. For all other clients, your first acupuncture appointment takes 1 hour 15 minutes.  This allows you time to talk with your practitioner, discuss your health history, and for the practitioner to ask you questions as well. The practitioner will then explain the Blue Ova Method, give you an assessment and discuss recommendations.  After looking at your tongue and pulse, acupuncture points will be chosen according to your diagnosis and a full acupuncture treatment will be performed. All of our practitioners are very gentle with needling, and most of our patients find it painless. Finally, at the end of your session you will receive a written treatment plan which may include recommendations for acupuncture treatments, supplements and herbs, nutrition and lifestyle. 

All follow-ups are 45 minutes.

WAITLIST: If you are having trouble finding a time to come in for your initial appointment, we please email us or call (415) 795-3900. Our front desk will be happy to see if they can find you a time, or add you to our waitlist. We also have an online waitlist option, when you book online with our online booking system.